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      Jun 2020

      Mozilla Firefox Chrome Safari Opera . . VPN . . . : 1. . 2. 30٪ 3. .
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      Stop ads, speed up the Internet, save mobile data
      Stop ads when opening pages with any browser Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and etc.
      Do not use resources of yours device while browsing the Internet.
      The connection from mobile phone, laptop, tablet or a desktop computer is done with a VPN tunnel from your device to the server which does all the work and cleans the internet of absolutely unnecessary spam, pop-ups, banners etc.
      This service filters absolutely unnecessary traffic to your device and all of this is done at the network level.
      This way your browser and the internet is getting faster.

      The service has the following benefits:

      1. Removes ads when browsing on the Internet.

      2. Internet speed acceleration by about 30%

      3. Saves megabytes of your mobile data monthly subscription when you browse.

      4. Web page рequests on the Internet space are made through a VPN encrypted tunnel.

      5. Your device is not loaded with computational processes for cleaning
      traffic, processing is at the server level.

      6. Extends the life of your battery.

      7. You can earn extra money each month if you refer a friend.
      (Need to register like referral, just ask)

      The service is working on three basic principles of health, time and money.

      Health: Less distraction, not being overwhelmed with unnecessary info, more focus on what you are doing.

      Time: The service saves you time by loading web pages faster.

      Money: You get referral bonuses if you bring in a new customer, as well as save on your mobile data. For some
      countries one gigabyte costs a lot of money.

      Multiple months prepayment and multiple device discount.

      For more information or any questions - do not hesitate to ask.

      email: office@linknet.work

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      Feb 2020



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